We continue the adventure that we started in 2020 with an investment of 1 million TL. 1 million TL investment was made by TRangels. TRAngels, which invested in more than 40 startups in many fields from artificial intelligence to cloud and mobile solutions, from energy to biotechnology, from medical to food since its establishment, has invested a total of 6 million dollars to date.

In his statement to the press, one of our founding partners Barış Hökevek also shared that we are very happy to be partners in our dreams with TRAngels, who invests and advises in venture projects that has the potential to provide benefits in local and global markets

Sızdırmazlık test cihazı üreticisi Adlema, 1 milyon TL yatırım aldı – Webrazzi

Adlema 1 milyon TL yatırım aldı – haberler (haberturk.com)

adlema-yatirim – egirişim (egirisim.com)

Sızdırmazlık Test Sistemleri Geliştiren İTÜ Girişimi Adlema, 1 milyon TL Yatırım Aldı – Girişimlab (girisimlab.com)

Sızdırmazlık test cihazları geliştiricisi Adlema, 1 milyon TL yatırım aldı – capslock (capslocknext.com)

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