Sızdırmalık Test Cihazı




İleri Seviye Sızdırmazlık Test Cihazları

Master/Slave Test Cihazları

Birbiri ile haberleşebilen çoğaltılabilir, ekonomik cihazlar.

Precise Measurement

Thanks to its special transmitter and block structure, even the smallest leaks will not be overlooked!


With the reporting feature, test results can be created in the desired format. Can be moved to a computer with a USB memory and can be viewed in Excel format. Auxiliary elements such as barcode reader, label printer can be integrated.

User Friendly

With its 7 ” color touch screen, test programs, and parameters can be adjusted easily. It has a user-friendly interface design!

Flexible Structure

It is designed in a flexible structure for special applications such as vacuum tests, product function tests, moving part tests, increasing and decreasing volume tests.

Aselsan Sivas Prefers Adlema

Aselsan prefers our BT4000 Series devices in the leak tests.


We continue the adventure that we started in 2020 with an investment of 1 million TL. 1 million TL investment was made by TRangels. TRAngels, which invested in more than 40 startups in many fields from artificial intelligence to cloud…

Meaningful Reward to Adlema

Big Bang Start-up Challenge, organized every year by TÜ ARI Teknokent Incubation Center İTÜ Çekirdek, took place on Thursday, December 03. In the event, Adlema has been chosen among the top 20 among thousands of national and international…

Tofaş Offers Adlema to Its Suppliers

Tofaş (Turkish Automobile Factory), who is one of the biggest automakers in the sector with 450 000 vehicles annual production capacity is cooperating with Adlema.  As part of the work carried out with the Tofaş Connected Supplier…